A Tale of Two…Plant Based doctors!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting one of my heroes, Dr Michael Klaper when he visited Melbourne in November 2017. Despite receiving a drenching from the Melbourne rain, we sat down for about 45mins and had great conversation (below) discussing our thoughts on some of the science and clinical concepts of Plant Based medicine, fasting (water) and our thoughts on the younger medical force as they enter this growing area of interest – nutrition in medicine.

Dr Klaper and I will be undertaking a series of Webinar (via Skype) events in 2018, with each a focus on single specific disease – eg. Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Metabolic Syndrome, Heart Disease etc.

These will be disease focused and will aim to provide people who suffer from them, a pathway to revitalising their health and hopefully reducing their dependance on medication.

Dr Klaper’s devotion to people, the community and the animals/mother Earth is inspiring.