World Vegan Day at Parliament House – Nov 2017
Speaking on stage to over 200 people about the benefits of a Plant Based diet

On Saturday 4th of November, I had the pleasure of joining a number of leading members of the Australian Vegan community at The Great Hall of Parliament House to help celebrate World Vegan Day. Speaking to over 200 people, we presented a variety of topics covering veganism and health, politics, activism and education.

It was an honour to be joined by Mr Ron Prassad MC, Ms Kathy Divine, Mr Greg MacFarlane from Vegan Australia, Ms Clare Mann, Mr Joey Carbstrong and the amazing Ms Melissa Vanderhorst from Vegan Kids Magazine.

Ron Prassad and Kathy Divine
Ms Melissa Vanderhorst
Ms Clare Mann being interviewed by Sean Myers

The lunch was entirely plant based and absolutely delicious.  The event was organised by the wonderful Sarah O’Brien who remains a mentor to many.

Main Meal

It was our hope that our words will echo and resonate beyond the Great Hall and reach the chambers of our great Parliament where they will help to influence policies that lead to better health and wellbeing for all Australians…including the beautiful animals who share this sunburnt land with us: