An Ode to Kindness

 An Ode to Kindness


Some people say “Who are all these animals and why should I care?”

“Why they’re just like you! if I’m really being fair.”

They are fathers and mothers and sisters for sure,

They can even be your best friend, and so much more!

Yet it may surprise you to know, they hurt and they cry;

They even weep and they shiver, and sometimes are shy.

They seek out the warmth when it gets cold,

They hope to live happily, and die only when old.


But something bad happens, something not well known…

We take their mum’s milk, before her kids are all grown.

Milk meant for her children to make them nice and strong.

We separate them forever; “It’s so cruel, it’s so awful!”…it’s just so plain wrong.

For they have done us no harm and have caused us no pain.

So why do we do this, why can’t we just refrain?


Ah but you can’t be blamed, for what you cannot see!

For the blindfolds have been kept tight, by the Milk Industry.

But unravel them now and let us become wise,

And allow a new way of eating to quickly arise!

One based on kindness and found only in plants,

“The solution is potatoes!” says Dr Ants.


So Doctor’s orders: “Grasp kindness with all of your might!’

And watch those beautiful animals sing with delight!”

You see… it’s one of those occasions where a ‘win-win’ rings true,

And not just for the animals…but for our health too.


(c) Dr Anthony Hadj 2015