My Healthy Eating Guide (click to download as a PDF)

My aim is to help you recognise that through the power of good wholesome nutrition, it is 100% possible to begin to restore your vitality, mental wellbeing and general health. This guide incorporates the works of American physicians Drs John McDougall, Michael Greger, Caldwell Esselstyn and Neal Barnard; and my own study of nutrition, chronic disease and the science behind it. Adhering to the principles in this guide allows you to know which foods to keep off the dinner plate,  and then focus on all the great food we have at our fingertips, which can be incorporated into your meal plans with ease and great effect.

Online Resources/Links:

Dr Michael Klaper
Dr Michael Klaper is one of the most inspiring PlantBased physicians I have ever met. Humble in his approach, at the core of his practice is the heartfelt desire to see his patients live long, healthy and happy lives. Incorporating an approach that includes the mental wellness of his patients, Dr Klaper's passion for wellbeing and good health is infectious.  I strongly encourage my colleagues in medical, nursing and allied health (nutrition, dietician) to follow his example of wholistic health care. Dr Klaper is one of the major influences that lead me to create this website.
The Microvore Diet – Savy Menke
Ms Savy Menke is a vegan nutrition expert and author of The Microvore Diet and 'Fruit. Fat. Forage' program. I have been following Savy for years and found her online Youtube videos and ebooks to be an excellent resource for my own health. Savy has a remarkable ability to unravel the science of nutrition and present it in a way that makes it easy to understand. Furthermore, you will find yourself armed with a knowledge of nutrition that gives you the confidence to construct healthy eating/meal plans with ease. I encourage you to view her videos and
Vegan Easy
An amazing site full of lots of information for people who are new to a vegan diet. The feature the famous '30 day Challenge', recipes, eating locations, and an excellent resource for vegan parents raising children on a plant based diet. An initiative of Animal Liberation Victoria, it carries with it a message of peace, sustainability and kindness which complements our journey towards better mental and physical health.
Dr John McDougall
Along with Mr Nathan Pritikin, Dr John McDougall remains the greatest influence upon me regarding my own personal journey towards better health and better living. His website contains an abundance of videos (patient testimonials, his talks), a monthly blog, resources and educational material including his Free Food Picture Book (click on the link to download as a PDF). His beautiful wife Mary has been instrumental in constructing some of the most delicious recipes which not only feature on his site, but are provided to attendees at his live in programs in California.
Nutriton Facts
The wonderful initiative of Dr Michael Greger, a plant based family physician from The United States. Dr Greger is a hero of mine who periodically reviews “every English language nutrition journal, so that you don’t have to.” Composed of blogs and short 5 minute videos, he helps to clear up the confusion surrounding nutrition and diet, as he explains here:
The Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine
Devised and lead by Dr Neal Barnard, the PCRM is a Washington based think tank that actively engages with politicians and Government to better health policy and development for all. Some outstanding resources include a ‘Free 21 Day Vegan Recipe Guide’ app, numerous information booklets about diet and disease, easy cooking ideas and some delicious vegan recipe guides.

Alain de Botton
I first met Alain when he visited Melbourne in early 2000. I had just commenced Medicine at Monash University, and his book 'The Consolations of Philosophy' had a tremendous influence on me, which continues today. I fell in love with philosophy and the study of human behaviour which lead me to appreciate the value of having perspective in life. Alain's writings, talks and work with The School of Life have reached millions around the world. I actively use many of his pearls of wisdom when I am counselling my own patients and navigating my own path in this world.